​​​​About Us

start your career as a dj

Every journey starts with a single step but the career of a DJ starts with the first beat.

For the Love of Music

I am passionate about music and want to share that passion with others who feel the same.

to teach new skills

By learning a new skill we teach our minds a new way to work. Mixing is certainly a skill unlike any other.

play with cool tech

Being a DJ you get to play with and see some amazing technology. Sound, lighting and laser systems.

so you want to be a DJ!

Are you really sure? It is not all stardom and celebrity parties. In fact there is a lot of travelling, gruelling schedules and little pay whilst you work to get noticed.


You need the right attitude in order to get over rejection time and time again.

Dedicated Practice Time

It is said that you need 10,000 hours of practice time. Learn the basics, experiment and build up from there.

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