November 15, 2020

By taking your time and researching your choices before you make a purchase you can help spot a good opportunity to buy. If there is one good way to stretch your budget, waiting for the sale to start is it.

When new models of your favourite equipment are released like the Denon DJ SC6000 media player or the Pioneer CDJ-3000 turntables you can expect the older models to be put on sale, at least temporarily.

This allows them to free up some space in their warehouse but most importantly it allows you to get a bit more tech for your money.

Should you buy the latest products?

We all know that everyone wants the latest tech no matter if it is phones, computers or in this case DJ equipment. Technology moves fast and even if you buy the latest product right now there is a high change that it will be obsolete within 12 months at most.

You can absolutely get a really good deal by buying the previous version of a product during a sale.

The best way to make sure that you get what you need is to check the features and compare it to the latest version. There will obviously be features on the new version that were not available before.

What you need to do is look at them and see if you really need those features for the extra money. If you can you live without them you can potentially save hundreds of pounds on features you would never use in the first place.

Why Gear4Music?

I have been buying from Gear4Music for many years now. They have great pricing but even better than that is the level of service I have received.

They are a well established company as they started back in 2003 and have so far served over 1.3 million customers. I am a customer for not just DJ equipment but also for a classical instrument as I bought a violin too.

They provide multiple payment methods including different finance options. As a European wide company they deliver to most places and accept multiple different currencies making it as easy to purchase as possible.

Finally their Trust Pilot rating is a fantastic 4.8 stars which also matches their Google Review rating so they really are a great company.

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