August 25, 2022

My first set of decks were a pair of Gemini PT2100’s with a silver PS626i 2 channel mixer. I currently still have them as they still work but the time has come to to not only upgrade but also expand.

The switch to Digital

My Gemini decks were of course vinyl turntables and 20 years ago that was the most common setup. Digital decks were still available but they usually came with CD players built in. These days CD’s are unusual in digital players, everything is completely digital although vinyl sales are actually increasing!

I have a significant number of vinyl records built up over the years. How many I am not sure, it would probably be easier to estimate the amount in weight! Covering several genres and with a fair few special editions (Café Del Mar – Energy 52, being my absolute all time favourite).

There are so many advantages of digital turntables over vinyl and it’s not just the benefit from USB sticks being much lighter than flight cases filled with vinyl records. With additional effects and the ability to create loops on the fly, the creativity you can show off is limited only by your imagination.

What did I buy?

I have been a fan of Pioneer digital turntables since the CDJ-1000’s. They were amazing and the best you could buy if you could afford them. At the time I could not and since then the market has gone through massive innovation. The latest CDJ’s the CDJ-3000’s are another masterpiece in hardware form but that is not what I decided on getting.

I have been a fan of Laidback Luke for several years now and he was the influence that has introduced me to Denon DJ products. I remember Denon turntables looking a lot more square when they first started to take on Pioneer.

Back in the early days I didn’t like the design of them but the Prime series mixers and turntables completely changed my mind. I have been keeping my eye on them since the SC5000 and x1800 mixer were released.

Denon DJ – turntables and mixer

I know you are dying to know what I finally bought so here it is. I bought two Denon DJ SC6000M’s, an X1850 mixer, two LC6000’s AND two Technics 1210 MK7’s because I still love vinyl and I have a lot of it. One of my DJ mates from school had two Technics 1201’s MK2’s so I have wanted a pair of Technics 1210’s for decades. Then they stopped selling them completely until they brought them back a few years ago so dream achieved.

Build quality is top notch. You can feel the build quality through your fingertips. The metal chassis, the buttons, the touch pads are all high quality and responsive. The colours used, the green’s and blue’s are possibly my favourite part to look at and whilst that should not have influenced my decision, it did and I prefer that look even to the CDJ’s.

Not a review

This article is not a review but purely an update on my latest and long awaited purchase. One thing to note is that there are still supply chain issues. I received the two SC6000M’s, LC6000’s and two Technics 1210’s all in one go but the X1850 mixer took at least an additional three weeks to arrive from Taiwan. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely, but it was almost unbearable having most of what I needed to get started but not to be able to get stuck in and try out all the cool features.

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