April 1, 2018

DJ Package

When you have made the decision that you want to be a DJ you will need a few things. Some of the things are going to require an investment so what is the best way to buy what you need? As always there are several ways to go about something and as you can tell from the title, a DJ Package is one of those ways which we will get to shortly. First lets start with the most obvious way buying each piece individually.

When you go into a DJ store you will notice that they have lots of different equipment all setup which you can try out there and then. The most basic setup will require either a DJ controller or two turntables and a mixer. This is generally how things are laid out in stores but they also display products this way online as DJ packages.

The DJ package

There are several common pieces of equipment that the typical DJ setup contains. How can you make sure that you get everything you need? You can of course choose all the individual items  that you want but what if you forget something? This is where the DJ package comes in. Instead of adding the items to your shopping cart individually, you can just add a DJ package to your cart. This does simplify the shopping experience but you do still have decisions to make as to what brand of turntables and mixer you wish to purchase.

What is included in a DJ package?

The standard DJ package contains everything you need to get going. All you need to do is plug it all in and connect it up to get started. The typical DJ package will contain 2 decks and a mixer.  This usually comes with all the power and audio cables that you need to start your journey. Sometimes a DJ package will have additional extras in it, occasionally for no extra charge. Items can include headphones, dust covers for decks, slip mats or stylus but can vary.

How much does a DJ package cost?

As DJ packages vary by contents they also vary by price, so you do have some choices available. For example you will be able to choose from packages containing Pioneer, Denon, Numark, Technics etc. The other main choice in a package is what mixer does it come with. You can choose between two and four channel mixers as well as many other options like touch screens, effects etc. I find the best way to start is by looking at the brand or by the price of the package. Personally I look for brand first but I prefer to spend more once than spend a little multiple times over the years.

Pioneer are pretty much the industry standard and have been for decades so it would be hard to go wrong with a Pioneer package. Once you have chosen the brand you will want to look at the model of the decks. For Pioneer they will include two CDJ decks with differing model numbers depending on the package but in each package both decks will be the same model. The absolute top of the range Pioneer decks right now are the CDJ2000 NSX2 which are almost £2000 each. For a more reasonable price you can get a pair of CDJ900 which are around £1300 each. The cheapest Pioneer decks are probably the CDJ350 for just over £500 each.

If that is still above your budget perhaps choosing a different brand like Numark, a DJ controller or chose vinyl turntables instead of digital decks.

Additional Costs

In the end you will want to get the most for your money. Music costs can creep up when you are paying £3.99 for a record vs £0.99 per track on iTunes. To help decide if you should go down the vinyl vs digital route my vinyl vs MP3 post. On top of the DJ package you may also need to buy a set of headphones if none are included in the package. How do you know if they are included? If it does not mention them then they will not be included.

Once you have chosen the model of the decks you will be able to chose from several packages containing those decks and a selection of mixers. By choosing the mixer you will finalise your choice for your DJ package.

Packages can cost as little as a few hundred pounds but do go all the way up to several thousand depending on what what decks and mixer are included. The decks and the mixer will be proced based on what features you get.


Check how much it would cost to buy the items you want separately. I have seen a few DJ packages that are more expensive than buying the items separately. Cables should be in the boxes of the items you need including both power and audio. Whilst it might not make much difference to the price there can be a difference of between £20 and £250.

One other thing to watch out for are packages that include free items like dust covers. I have seen packages with a higher price tag than the same package without the ‘free’ items. Is it a mistake or a cheeky ploy I don’t know but do make the comparison.


We started with a question which I have yet to answer because that answer is ‘it depends’.

  • Have you checked how much it costs to buy the items you want individually and compared it to the packages available?
  • Have you have checked if the free items are in fact free against a package without them
  • If all of the items you want are available in a DJ package

then yes I believe the best way to start is with a DJ package containing the equipment you actually want to use. It is by far the best value way of making your purchase. What you may not know is some places offer the ability to pay by finance which allows you to pay a monthly amount spread over a few years. This can make a larger purchase easier and is often used on purchases of DJ equipment.

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