December 7, 2018

Christmas DJ Gifts

Trying to buy a gift for a DJ friend or relative can be a nightmare if you do not know what they like. It is even harder if you do not know anything about music or DJing at all. There are a few ways you can approach your gift search so lets take a look at them together.

You can chose to start your search based on budget which can be the easiest option. If you know how much you want to spend then it’s simply down to what’s available for that price. This is a good way to go if you have a budget you need to stick to or even if you just want to make sure that each person you are buying for gets equal value.

If you have an idea of where your aspiring DJ likes to shop this can give you a much bigger advantage into finding something they will like. You may have noticed a brand on clothing or know what headphones or decks they use which can also narrow down where to buy your gift.

Gift Ideas

At the cheaper end of the DJ gift range you will mostly find accessories. Keyrings, slip mats, gift vouchers, bottle openers, vinyl coasters, mugs etc. You can expect to pay a few pounds all the way up to 20 to 30 pounds for clothing like T-shirts and cuff links.

Just a quick mention about slip mats. Only vinyl DJ’s need slip mats for their decks so if you know your DJ uses CD’s or MP3’s to mix with then they might not be useful to them.

Mid Tier Gifts

Mid tier gift items can be expensive, as in up to a hundred pounds per item. Flight cases and dust covers could be a nice useful item for DJ’s if they do not currently have them. These are specifically built to each type of turntable/mixer. So you need to find out exactly what model they use and if they already have them.

The dust covers to my vinyl turntables did actually break due to many moves as a student. I did buy some flight cases to move them in so it was not too much of an issue however a pair of new dust covers would have been appreciated as a gift.

Most dust covers will be around the £40 each range where as flight cases are likely to be that and higher depending on materials. My cases are solid sided and were approx. £70 each.

High Tier Gifts

High tier gifts can be anything from Stylus and cartridges for vinyl turntables to effects samplers and effects processors. Choosing a stylus is quite a personal choice and can depend on the type of music as well as what it will be used for. Scratching requires a different stylus to just general music playing.

Effects processors can be quite a fun item but they are the higher tier gifts. A Korg Kaoss pad KP3+ will set you back around £299 but there are other cheaper brands which offer less features. Saying that there are also much higher priced like the pioneer RMX-1000 effector which is priced at over £600.

What about music?

One item you may have noticed I have left unmentioned is music. I think the chances of finding something that a DJ does not own is quite slim especially with the easy access to individual tracks at £0.99. 

There is one exception to this though.

If you know about a particular remix that they have been looking for and have not been able to find, this could be an opportunity for you to seize.

Limited Edition vinyl/CD albums can be a nice idea for DJ’s who love a particular band. Make sure you find out if they have vinyl turntables first or they may end up being unable to play it. I have a limited edition vinyl record set of Cafe del Mar – Energy 52. It is old but the prize of my vinyl collection.

Hopefully you will find a few ideas to help your search for the perfect gift.

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