June 21, 2018

DJ Deck Stand

Once you have all your DJ equipment you are going to need somewhere to put it. Somewhere at the right height so that you don’t get backache when leaning over to mix. What you need is a solid bit of DJ furniture. Something that has capacity to store records or CD’s as well as a nice flat surface to hold your decks, amplifier, speakers and mixer.

The Best DJ Deck Stand

Best DJ Deck Stand Sefour X30

The DJ Deck Stand, also referred to as a DJ console, that I could find was the Sefour X30. It’s fairly heavy so you know it has a solid build which will last for years if not decades. Decks weigh around 15Kg and you have two of those plus a mixer so you need something with strength to take the weight.

Sefour are one of, if not the best make for deck stands that I have ever used. They have a range of different stands at various price points and they are expandable. I don’t mean they stretch or grow but they do allow you to buy various bars and accessories in order to expand what you can attach to the stand itself. I will talk about the accessories in a bit.

The top surface has a curve built into it at the front where you stand allowing you to get a bit closer to the mixer. This does make it much easier to reach all of the controls on the mixer which usually fill the entire depth of the mixer. It is not necessary to have any space carved out for the turntables as you only need to be able to get access to the controls which are near near the front.

Where do the cables go?

Funny you should ask as there is a circular hole in the centre of the top surface which allows you to pass audio and power cables through. There are also several holes at the bottom at the back to allow you to pass other cables through. I have used these to pass through the cables to my speakers from my amplifier. I have tried to keep the power cables away from the audio cables so that there is no interference. You can sometimes hear it through the speakers when audio cables are too close to power cables.

You may have noticed the cardboard underneath my deck stand. This was mostly to try and protect the carpet from being squashed down. I have my desk in the same room and that has little feet on it which have not helped my carpet at all so I have tried to use this to protect it. I also used the cardboard to try and make it easier to slide the deck stand across the carpet. This had mixed results as I think it may have helped a bit but not as much as I had hoped.

What I like about the Sefour X30 DJ Deck Stand

The X30 was straight forward to put together especially if you have built any flat packed Ikea furniture before. Cost wise I got mine for just under £300 and it also comes in a choice of colours. I went with the traditional black for no other reason than I think it looks better and is similar to what would be found in a club setting.

That’s mine on the left just after I had built it and put it into place. I have my amplifier in the middle shelf. There is plenty of space at the back for all the cables to go down to the floor. There is space for my records/CD’s on either side of the central column. You can see one of the metal bars at the bottom middle which the records sit on. Above that on either side is an additional shelf but there is no space at the back to pass cables down the back. These shelves are essentially closed spaces for storage only.


Sefour have several accessories which can be added onto their DJ deck stand range. For under £100 you can get a base roller which allows you to easily move your DJ console around. This is more likely to be used in a club environment where things get stored during the day. If you need to move furniture around and don’t have carpets this could be useful as the console is heavy.

Also available are an arrangement of brackets to extend your console to hold laptops and additional CDJ turntables. These attach to various models of the DJ console allowing you to increase the number of turntables available. They screw into the back of the console through pre-drilled holes in three places along the back. You can adjust the height by choosing which holes to use but once attached is fixed in place.

If you need room for three or four turntables in your setup this is the way to go. Make sure you get the correct version to go with your chosen model of deck stand.


Is it the best DJ deck stand? I think so as the price is fairly mid range You get a lot of space for storage of records and CD’s of which I have put both in there. I have even managed to put my printer on one of the metal bars in the left side as I had space left. The price does fluctuate on websites but it is usually priced at either £249 or £299 depending on the colour choice. I have had mine for two years now and although I have not had to move it at all since putting it in place it is undamaged. I would certainly recommend this to the beginner/intermediate DJ’s looking for storage as well as a way to permanently setup their decks.

There are other DJ deck stands available from Sefour of which some take up less space. I was looking for a stand with storage for vinyl as that is what most of my music is on. Sefour do offer several other types of deck stand and as a make I would certainly buy a stand from Sefour again.

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