January 9, 2020

Denon DJ

If we were not clearly in January with the colder weather and back to work blues you could be forgiven for thinking Christmas has just come very early, well 11 months early for 2020 with the announcement of the Denon DJ Prime range.

As you know I am a big Denon DJ fan. They have been consistently kicking it out of the park with each new announcement, product release, demo and like Britney Spears they just did it again.

Denon DJ Prime SC6000, SC6000M and the X1850 mixer

Introducing the improved, latest evolution of the Denon DJ Prime range, the SC6000 and SC6000M Media Players with the X1850 mixer.

Denon DJ Prime Range consisting of the SC6000, X1850 and SC6000M

Embrace the Future

With the tag line of Embrace the Future that is exactly what you will be doing when you get your hands on these incredible devices.

If you have seen or even used the Denon DJ Prime SC5000 and X1800 mixer then the look and feel of this range will be familiar to you. If you have only just come across them then you are in for a real treat. Expect your pioneer preference to be challenged.

I have been a fan of Denon for a while and one of those reasons is due to the fact that they listen to their market. Hollywood take note! If you look at the Denon forums you will find requests, feedback and suggestions to help make these products greater.

It is only when we work together that we move the entire industry forwards. No matter how small the comment if it helps improve something then its worth listening to.

The result of listening to your customers

JFB performance using the Denon DJ SC600M and X1850 mixer

Watch and listen to the above demo and tell you me are not impressed. Skill is a mixture of talent and technology. It is the partnership between producers and consumers that allows magic to happen. I would like to congratulate Denon DJ on a fantastic upgrade to an existing range of products. Finally a special mention of thanks for taking feedback and acting on it. It is noticed.

For the current price of a Denon DJ Package including 2 X SC6000 with an X1850 mixer check out this link. If you really want the SC6000M which has the motorised platters then you may need to build your own package. They SC6000M is approx. £200 more and can be found here.

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